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18,402 people have already booked with Jesolo Spiagge in 2018


Patron Saint day
On June 26, 2019, the feast of the Patron Saint will be held at Jesolo Paese
Gasoline Sport Stadium
On June 28th and 29th starting at 6.00 pm in Piazza Mazzini, the Gasoline Road Bar organizes a table football tournament (soccer)
Jazz 2019
From Wednesday 26 June to Saturday 29 June. at Jesolo Lido, there will be a review of jazz concerts, with various groups playing live.
XVII International Festival "Costellation of the sea"
Saturday, June 30th, at the Vivaldi Theater, and Sunday July 1st, at the pizza Aurora in Jesolo, will take place the XVII international festival "Costellation of the Sea".
Once upon a time
Tuesday 2 July at 9 pm in Piazza Marconi will take place the event Once upon a time
Miss Venice Beach
On 5 July 2019 the Miss Venice Beach competition will be held at Piazza Milano.
Street Food Craft Brewery - Blond Brothers
From 6pm to midnight: street food, music and lots of beer.
Campionati italiani
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2019 at the Picchi stadium the Italian Paralympic athletics championships are held.
Run Sunrise
Saturday 7 July 2019 the RunJesolo ASD organizes from 5:30 am from piazzetta Faro the Runsunrise, the race at dawn in Jesolo,
Festival of popular traditions and threshing
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2019 at Passarella di sotto the festival of popular traditions and threshing will be held
Terror in Merville
Tuesday 9 July 2019 will hold the first appointment of "Terror in Merville"
Ricky Portera in concert
Ricky Portera will perform in Piazza Milano on Wednesday 10th July at 9.00 pm.
Merchant Taylor's School
At 9 pm in Piazza Marconi
Merchant Taylor’s School
On 11 July 2019, at the Marconi square, the Merchant Taylor’s School concert will be held
Fluo Run
Saturday, July 13, 2019, the Fluo Run Festival takes place from 3.00 pm to 11.30 pm in Piazza Aurora.
Summer Camp
16/06/2019 - 22/06/2019 Pala Cornaro Lucky Summer - Camp di volley con Andrea Lucchetta 23/06/2019 - 29/06/2019 Pala Cornaro Lucky Summer Camp + Junior Spike Academy - volley con Andrea Lucchetta 30/06/2019 - 06/07/2019 Pala Cornaro Spike Academy - volley con Andrea Lucchetta 07/07/2019 - 13/07/2019 Palestre Diverse Gallo Camp - Camp di basket con Danilo Gallinari 07/07/2019 - 13/07/2019 Stadio Picchi Milan Junior Camp - calcio con il club del Milan 11/07/2019 - 13/07/2019 Spiaggia Piazza Brescia Bobo Summer Camp
Concert Jesolo Music Camp
On July 13, 2019, at the piazza Milano, the final concert of the Jesolo Music Camp will be held
Wales High School - Band Inglese
On Tuesday, July 16th at 9pm, Wales High School will play in Piazza Torino.
Andrea Valeri in concert
On Wednesday 17 July in Piazza Milano at 9.00 pm, Andrea Valeri will perform in concert
Barbeque competition
On Saturday 20 July 2019, Griglie Roventi is held in Piazza Torino: the barbeque competition between strictly non-professional chefs.
Festival Majorettes
Interregional Festival of Majorettes at Piazza Aurora on 20 July 2019
Terror in Merville
Monday 22 July 2019 will hold the second appointment of "Terrore al Merville"
B.Y.C. Band Contest
Monday 22 July 2019 at Piazza Aurora at the event B.Y.C. Band Contest
Accordi Disaccordi in Concert
On Monday 22 July 2019 at 9 pm in Piazza Milano there will be a concert of Accordi Disaccordi
Campiello Award
Friday 26 July 2019 at 9.00 pm in piazza Milano, the presentation of the Campiello prize finalists is held.
On the beach of Faro, on Saturday 27 July 2019 the "Random" party will be held
Festival Show
Thursday 1st August 2019 in Piazza Torino the Festival Show: a highly anticipated concert by everyone.
Poems at dawn
Friday, August 2nd, access to Via Palladio (Palladio kiosk area) will host the first appointment of "Poems at Dawn"
Jesolo Dance Festival
From 27 July to 02 August 2019 at Piazza Aurora, the Jesolo Dance Festival will be held
Jesolo Dj Superstar
On August 3rd 2019, the Jesolo dj superstar concert will be held at the Jesolo lighthouse beach
PFM: TVB - The Very Best Tour
On May 31, 2019, the new PFM tour (Premiata Forneria Marconi) arrives in Jesolo, at the Palazzo del turismo.
A goal for Gianca
As every year the touch rugby tournament will be organized at Cortellazzo on 3 August 2019
Terror in Merville
Monday 5 August 2019 the last appointment of "Terrore in Merville" will be held
Poems at dawn
Friday, August 9th, access in piazza Marina (Rossini kiosk area) will host the second appointment of "Poems at Dawn"
Holi - Colors Festival
Saturday 10 August is held in Jesolo Holi - the festival of colors on Faro beach.
Special Live On The Beach
Sunday 11 August 2019, on the beach of Faro, a new event will enliven the Jesolo beach: Special Live on the beach. The latter is a concert opened by a DJ set which will be followed by a singer who will perform live.
Miss Sole
On August 14, 2019, at the Piazza Marconi, the Miss Sole competition will be held
Mid-August in Jesolo
On August 15th 2019 at the Piazza Brescia beach there will be the celebrations of the Mid-August 2019
The city of Jesolo celebrates Ferragosto with a fireworks display on the sea.
Poems at dawn
Friday, August 16th, access to Piazza Milano (Piazza Milano beach area) will host the third appointment of "Poems at dawn"
Seafaring parties
You can taste local dishes and typical wines, starting at 6.30pm. The evenings scheduled: July: Friday 12 - Saturday 13 - Friday 26 - Saturday 27 August: Friday 09 - Saturday 10 - Friday 16 - Saturday 17
Miss Veneto 2019
On 20 August 2019 at the Piazza Aurora the Miss Veneto competition will be held
Rock 'n' Roll with Bobby Solo
Tuesday, August 20 at 9.15 pm at Piazza Milano, Bobby Solo will play
Poems at dawn
Friday, August 23 in Piazza Manzoni (Marinella kiosk area) will be held the fourth appointment of "Poems at dawn"
BaccoXBacco Cortellazzo
During the summer 2019 the discomusic band BaccoXBacco proposes its concert in Piazza del Granatiere in Cortellazzo on 08/27/2018.
Poems at dawn
On Friday, August 30, in Piazza Mazzini (zio Berto kiosk area), the last meeting of "Poems at Dawn" will be held
Grape festival
On 7 and 8 September the harvest is celebrated on the streets of Jesolo.
Orfeo in Italy 2019
From 8 to 12 September 2019 at Piazza Aurora in Jesolo Lido, will be held the Orfeo in Italy dance show
Marco Calliari in concert
Saturday, September 14th at 9.00 pm, in Piazza Milano, Marco Calliari will perform in concert
Sand sculptures
This edition will honor Leonardo Da Vinci and the sand will take the form of his works on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death in Piazza Brescia from 2 June to 15 september 2019.
Jesolo Air Show
Jesolo Air Show returns also this year on 15 September 2019, the air show that everyone is waiting for and that for various years has made people and given them unforgettable memories. Every year the colours, sounds, and aerobatics amaze Jesolo tourists and residents. The show can be seen on the entire coast of Jesolo, but from the view is best from the beach of piazza Brescia. More information regarding the programme will be published later on.
Master European Championships 2019 Athletics
From 5 to 15 September 2019, Jesolo will host the European Athletics Master Championships at the Picchi Stadium. The 21st edition of the event was assigned by the EMA (European Masters Athletics) to three towns on the coast: Caorle, Jesolo and Eraclea, and will be dedicated to the over 35s for all track competitions. The half marathon will also take place in Jesolo, while Caorle will host the other road races and cross-country races
European Tournament - Wheelchair Hockey
The European Tournament - Wheelchair Hockey will be held from 19 to 22 September 2019 at the Marzotto village
National Race Triathlon Sprint
On September 22nd, the national Triathlon Spint race will be held in Piazza Nember in Jesolo.
I° Mediofondo Città di Jesolo
1st CITY OF JESOLO MIDDLE-DISTANCE RACE - 2nd MARSILIO SPERANDIO MEMORIAL Trial valid for the Italian Cyclotourist Championship – 12th trial of the Criterium Veneto On Sunday 29 September 2019 is scheduled the I° mediofondo città di Jesolo - 2° memorial Marsilio Sperandio (1st City Of Jesolo Middle-Distance Race - 2nd Marsilio Sperandio Memorial): event open to all amateur and touristic categories members of the FCI and of organisations belonging to the National Cycling Committee holders of a Bike Card. Two courses are foreseen: Middle-distance course of 110km and Cyclotourist course of 67km. The gathering is at 07:00 in Piazza Kennedy in Jesolo Paese and the starting is in groups “French style”: from 07:45 to 08:15 first the Middle-distance, afterwards Cyclotourist.
Il Paese dei Balocchi 2019
Sunday, September 29 at 2.30 pm at the Pegaso park will be held the "Il Paese dei Balocchi" event
The science factory
Open to the public from December 26th, every day from 10 to 19.30: "The science factory", the largest interactive scientific exhibition for children and adults, families and schools. The public will be able to personally experience interactive machines related to topics such as Mathematics, Water, Electricity and much more.
Jazz Concert
On September 30th 2019, the Jazz concert will be held at Piazza Aurora in Jesolo Lido
Dayatona Beach
Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2019 at the Faro beach returns Daytona Beach, with a 2 km soft track on the beach and hard variants for the owners of an extreme or not extreme 4x4 off-roader; in addition a track on the beach for quad-motocross, 4x4 quad and 4x4 buggy.
Crossfit Race
The Palazzo del Turismo hosts the CROSSFIT competitions from 18 to 20 October.
International Cross Cycle Race
From November 1st to November 3rd 2019, the International Cross Cycling Race will be held in the Villaggio Marzotto area
Shaolin European Championship
The Palazzo del Turismo hosts the "SHAOLIN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP" on 2nd and 3rd of November.


Because you can purchase at any time: You can look for and purchase your beach umbrella 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Because you can purchase at the last moment: You can purchase your beach umbrella at the last moment thanks to real-time availability.
Because it’s easy to find special offers: We offer a vast range of great value offers and you can clearly see the spaces available. 
Guaranteed sun: Thanks to our webcam you can see the weather in real time and decide whether to purchase or not.
Because we offer all the help you need: If you have any questions you can telephone us or e-mail us (contact details below).
Because it’s so handy: You can check-in directly from home or from the office. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail voucher with all the info on your chosen space. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT the confirmation voucher. Just go to your sunbed and collect the receipt, which will be printed at the cash desk, whenever you want. 
Because you can choose your space early: Just click on your favourite space on the beach umbrella map and your request will be immediately confirmed, with the guarantee that everything will be ready on your arrival.  
Because it’s extremely safe: Credit card payments are encrypted and guarantee complete client data protection.
Because you are making a difference to climate change: You can offset the CO2 emissions of your vehicle by reducing journeys to a minimum and avoid wasting paper by using your tablet or smartphone.
Because you can receive all the useful info: Info will be sent via e-mail to the address given on booking. You’ll find all the details and useful advice on how to reach us.  
Any suggestions on how to improve our service? Just send us an e-mail – we’ll be happy to receive your suggestions!


From the website homepage select "PURCHASE" in the "Oro Beach" and "Green Beach" squares. A map of the beach concession will appear where you can easily check availability and choose the space and date you prefer. Once you have selected your space, select "PURCHASE" and then enter your:


and select "CONTINUE WITH PAYMENT". You will access the "Carta Si" page where you enter your credit card details. Credit card payments are encrypted and guarantee complete client data protection. At the end of your purchase you will be sent an e-mail containing a voucher to present when you arrive on the beach. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT THE VOUCHER.
Avoid the queues, get comfortable on your sunbed and collect the receipt that will be given to you by beach concession staff. 
Once the purchase procedure begins, you have 20 minutes to complete payment, after which the beach umbrellas will be released and can be booked once again. You can select a maximum of 4 spaces.  
This procedure involves an ONLINE PURCHASE. At the moment refunds cannot be given if the beach space is not used.


This is a refund service for your beach space at the Oro Beach and Green Beach concession, under special conditions and at a cost of 1 Euro extra.
You can purchase the service during online purchase at
After selecting the date and the beach concession, you can choose the "Suntanned or your money back" service.
Enter your personal info (name, surname, address, tax code and e-mail). Once the info has been entered you can type in your credit card details and when purchase is complete you will receive a voucher showing the date of use and the space booked.
On the day on which the service is to be used you will be entitled to A FULL REFUND if the conditions are satisfied.
In order to receive a refund, weather conditions must include rain of at least 3 mm between 11 am and 5 pm. 
This will be verified by the ARPAV website, with rainfall bulletins for Cavallino.
Link HERE.
If the conditions above are met, the client who has not used their beach space will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid by credit card.
A credit note for the full amount to be paid will be provided only if an e-mail is sent to by the day after the booking date.
Jesolo Turismo S.p.A. is not responsible for the refund methods via payment circuits of clients’ credit cards.


Park + Beach

From this year you can book your car parking space in combination with your sun umbrella online:
1. After selecting the space, tick the car parking space and proceed to payment.
2. You will receive confirmation by email including a QR CODE allowing access to the Oro Beach car park.
(You can print the confirmation or put your smartphone next to the reader).
The online booking for the Oro Beach car park is guaranteed until midnight the day before use (e.g. midnight on Saturday for Sunday).
WARNING: do not take a ticket from the machine near the entrance bar but put your QR CODE next to the reader.


Services available to the public at various times of the year

- Opening hours from 10 am to 6 pm in May, September and from 1st – 14th June;
- from 9.30 am to 7 pm from 15th June to 31st August 

Cash desk opening hours:
from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4.30 pm Monday-Friday 
from 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4.30 pm Saturday and Sunday

Outside the times indicated only access to and staying on the beach is allowed. The company is therefore not responsible for any damage to persons or items that takes place outside the beach concession opening hours, as a result of the suspension of beach services. Beach access is free. The use of facilities, games, and staying on the beach in concession to Jesolo Turismo S.p.A. is reserved for those who purchase beach services. It is forbidden to sit on the stretch of beach between the first row of beach umbrellas and the sea (including the water’s edge), as is any other occupation or use that could block the passageway. "Jesolo Turismo" S.p.A. is not responsible for equipment or private property brought onto the beach or left in cabins, and will not be held responsible for any theft or damage.   


to get changed or dress on the beach or in the toilets

- to swim or be on the beach without a swimming costume or in a costume that may offend public decency
- to play football or any other games that cause a disturbance or pose a danger to people
- to bring dogs (including on a lead) or any other animals to the beach
- to light fires
- to use soap or shampoo in the showers
- to access the beach area by bike or in a motorised vehicle
- to move rented material to another area without prior authorisation from staff
- to access the beach with your own equipment or to use it on the beach 
- to change beach umbrellas space without prior authorisation from the cash desk
- to place any waste other than that indicated in containers for separate waste collection
- to go into the sea in bad weather or when the red flag is flying 

BLUE: conditions are suitable for bathing
RED: weather conditions are not suitable for bathing, no lifeguard on duty.

Oro Beach



€ 21,00 - (€ 25,00) DISCOUNT
€ 19,00 - (€ 23,00)
€ 18,00 - (€ 22,00)
4° - 6° € 15,50 - (€ 19,00)
7° - 10° € 14,00 - (€ 17,00)
ALTRE € 13,00 - (€ 15,00)
GAZEBO € 20,50 - (€ 22,50)


From 1st May to 20th September
ROW 4° - 6° 7° - 10° OTHERS
  € 940,00 € 870,00 € 790,00 € 680,00 € 610,00 € 550,00

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: afternoon price, after 2 pm, reduction of €4 for every row

THIRD ADDITIONAL SUNBED € 7.00 (Saturdays and holidays) € 6.00 (weekdays) - subject to availability

Green Beach



DA 7 A 14 DAYS DA 15 A 30 GGDAYS/td> OLTRE 30 DAYS
€ 20,00 - (€ 23,00) DISCOUNT
€ 18,00 - (€ 21,50)
€ 17,00 - (€ 20,50)
4° - 6° € 15,00 - (€ 18,00)
7° - 10° € 13,50 - (€ 15,50)
ALTRE € 12,50 - (€ 14,00)


From 1st May to 20th September
FILA 4° - 6° 7° - 10° OTHERS
  € 760,00 € 680,00 € 630,00 € 570,00 € 510,00 € 470,00

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: afternoon prices after 14:00: € 4 discount on every row.